Brian Fabian Crain speaks about building Chorus One and the podcast Epicenter, one of the first podcasts in the crypto and blockchain space, the hallmarks of a good podcast about technology, his beginnings in the blockchain space at Monax, Tendermint, and Cosmos, how Cosmos enables the Internet of blockchains, the key role of validators on Cosmos, the reality of governance, how blockchains enable new forms of collaboration on a global scale, and much more.

Brian is a Berlin-based economist and entrepreneur, and he is the founder and co-host of the blockchain podcast Epicenter, and the co-founder and CEO of Chorus One, which is a leading validator on Cosmos and Loom. Brian has degrees in economics, philosophy and cognitive science from the University of Chicago, London School of Economics and University College London, and he has been involved in blockchain projects since 2013, including Monax, Tendermint, and Cosmos.

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