Monique Morrow speaks about The Humanized Internet, self-sovereign electronic identity and credentials on the blockchain, her plans for a personal digital lockbox, ethics in technology, how she avoided the innovator’s dilemma as Services CTO of Cisco, why decentralization and trustless consensus might be a myth, where blockchain technology fits in with other deep tech, how small countries like Switzerland can keep up with the global tech arms race, China’s plans to become the AI leader in the world, dangers of technology for humanity, why learning about history is important, and much more.

Monique is the President and Co-Founder of The Humanized Internet, a non-profit organization providing digital identity through blockchain technology. She is the former Services CTO of Cisco, where she helped transition the company from hardware to software, and among many other things, she is an Associated Researcher at the Humboldt University’s Institute of Internet and Society, the co-chair of the IEEE Ethics in AI and Autonomous Systems Mixed Reality Committee, an Advisor to the Cybersecurity Sparklabs, and to VETRI, a blockchain-enabled personal data management platform.

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