Alexis Roussel speaks about his journey from being a lawyer at the United Nations to starting the Swiss Pirate Party, how governments misunderstand digital technology, Bitcoin and Wikileaks, the early days of Bitcoin in Switzerland, money as information, the friction between traditional companies and cryptocurrencies, starting his own crypto exchange, different approaches to regulation of cryptocurrencies, the real value of the blockchain, and why cryptocurrencies are so hard to understand.

Alexis is the CEO of Bity, a Swiss bitcoin broker company that he co-founded in 2014. He holds a Masters in New Technology public law and has served as E-Governance specialist for the United Nations. Alexis was also the president of the Pirate Party of Switzerland to promote a human-centric and distributed approach of a technological society. He is involved in the discussion around regulation of crypto-currencies in Switzerland and is frequently in the Swiss media when it comes to privacy and digital right issues.

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