Niklas Nikolajsen speaks about Bitcoin Suisse and its amazing journey, why “there will be no difference between crypto-finance and finance, it will only be finance”, his early cypherpunk days and Bitcoin evangelism, the importance of timing in entrepreneurship, why he understands the hesitation of banks to work with new industries such as cryptocurrencies, how all assets will move onto blockchains, why “making decentralized exchanges illegal is like making gravity illegal”, how the tokenization of assets helps entrepreneurs, “when capital becomes more easily available, the whole world will become a Silicon Valley”, the importance of jurisdictions for crypto-financial businesses, why he chose Switzerland as a business location, consolidation in the crypto sector and partnerships with the established financial sector, how “we’re moving out of the Wild West phase into the established phase”, possible pitfalls for the crypto economy, why consensus technology and distribution will impact law, governments, and society, why people should go with their passion, and much more.

Niklas is a pioneer in the crypto-financial sector in Switzerland and the founder of Bitcoin Suisse, one of the first Swiss companies providing crypto brokerage, ICO facilitation and advisory and other related services, and today, he is the Chairman of the Board and co-CEO. Niklas holds a degree in computer science from the Copenhagen Business School, and he has a background of more than 15 years as a professional software architect and developer, primarily in the financial, manufacturing and public sectors.

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