Zhang Ruidong speaks about blockchain and cryptocurrency regulation in China, the difficulty of censorship, how to make the “blockchain without cryptocurrency” mantra work, the situation of blockchain entrepreneurship in mainland China, why the cryptocurrency ban didn’t work, which projects Chinese blockchain entrepreneurs work on, differences between Chinese crypto projects and those abroad, how the Chinese and other Asian governments support blockchain projects, blockchain classes at universities, blockchain myths, which projects need blockchains and which don’t, how the blockchain changes culture, and socio-technical challenges for countries with blockchain technology.

Zhang Ruidong is a professor in computer information systems at the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire in the United States and the founding director of the Blockchain Labs at the Academy of Internet Finance at Zhejiang (dschuedjiang) University, one of the leading universities in China. His research areas include cloud computing architecture and optimization, blockchain technology applications, digital currency policy and regulations, e-commerce and the development and application of the next generation Internet.

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