Joey Krug speaks about evaluating investments at Pantera Capital, why healthcare, finance, energy, and government are ripe for disruption, why too much money is bad for entrepreneurs, why location matters for funds but less for projects, how incumbent tech companies deal with blockchain technology and tokens, why blockchains won’t transform information, why people don’t care about their privacy and how to overcome that, why progress is much faster than we notice, how Augur got support for Trezor wallets, his experience as a Thiel fellow, why the cost of a university degree far outweighs its value, why theory and practice often differ, why UI/UX is the most important thing that should improve in the blockchain space, and why he would love to fast forward to the year 2048.

Joey Krug is the co-founder of Augur, a prediction market and one of the first ICO on Ethereum. He is also co-chief investment officer at Pantera Capial’s crypto hedge funds. Before joining Pantera, Joey built a point of sale system enabling Bitcoin payments with sound and Bluetooth, and he also started an AngelList syndicate that is now one of the top fifteen by backing.

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