Rik Willard speaks about the promise of blockchain technology to provide new forms of value for the unbanked, tokenized access to healthcare, digital art on the blockchain, New York as a hotspot for blockchain innovation, rolling out decentralized technology for empowerment, and embracing the blockchain spaceship to bring humanity forward.

Rik is the Founder of Agentic Group, a New York-based federation of over fifty blockchain companies, and Interim CEO of Global Blockchain Technologies, a publicly traded blockchain investment firm. Agentic Group promotes the blockchain ecosystem through education, consulting and deployment within the private and public sectors. He is a Fellow at the Foreign Policy Association, an Advisor to the Field Center for Entrepreneurship at Baruch College and other board appointments. Rik is a charismatic speaker with engagements including the World Web Forum, the European Union IP Summit, Finance 2.0, the Emerging Links Blockchain Series, Harvard Business School, Dow Jones, Davos 2018.

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