Saifedean Ammous speaks about his book “The Bitcoin Standard”, why thriving economies need hard money, the concept of time preference, comparisons between bitcoin and gold, what bitcoin could do for the world economy, how Austrian economics and bitcoin go together, why it took years for him to understand Bitcoin, why he’s a self-chosen outcast in academia, why bitcoin might not replace gold after all, and why Bitcoin is neither good nor bad but simply a technology.

Saifedean is an academic economist living and teaching in Beirut as an assistant professor of economics at the Lebanese American University. He was previously a member of the Center for Capitalism and Society at Columbia University and holds a PhD in Sustainable Development from Columbia University in New York. Saif’s main interest is Austrian economics and Bitcoin and he wrote the book “The Bitcoin Standard”, published by Wiley.

Resources Saif recommends in the interview to learn more about Bitcoin:

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