Tom Lyons speaks about the importance of storytelling in the blockchain space, how to develop narratives for good stories about technology, how blockchain startups can go about communicating their projects, the meaning of “thought leadership”, how to explain technology to people who have never heard of it, his work in a decentralized organization like ConsenSys, communicating the vision of a company, differentiating use cases and offerings, content articles vs. video, how blockchain technology can change advertising, Switzerland as a blockchain hub, and much more.

Tom is Executive Director of Research and Advisory at ConsenSys Switzerland and Chairman of the Communications Working Group at the Crypto Valley Association in Zug. Before he joined ConsenSys, Tom ran his own communications agency specializing in thought leadership, content and influencer marketing strategy and execution for clients in emerging technologies, FinTech, and financial services with a special focus on blockchain and decentralized technology.

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