Jonas Schnelli speaks about his work as a Bitcoin Core Developer, why Bitcoin is convincing from a technical point of view, what challenges lie ahead, and whether or not it‘ll be able to replace national currencies, his plans to make Bitcoin more user-friendly, his approach to Bitcoin software development as an open source project, dealing with disagreements and criticism, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, hard forks, Bitcoin maximalism, time horizons for cryptocurrencies, why the slow progress of Bitcoin can be a good thing, why making Bitcoin more user friendly is so difficult, the necessity of decentralization, how to fund Bitcoin core development without conflicts of interest, and being part of a revolution..

Jonas Schnelli is a Bitcoin Core Developer, the co-founder of Shift Cryptosecurity, and arguably one of the most trusted people in Bitcoin. He is a core maintainer and blockchain expert, and one of the few people in the world with commit access to the Bitcoin code base. Jonas is also the author of libbtc, a cypherpunk and hacker.

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