The Blockchain and Us is in the top 30 crypto and blockchain podcast (according to, with a built-in audience of professionals in the global blockchain and crypto space.

Impact and Audience

The podcast has an active audience in the main demographics United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Switzerland, and Germany. The audience is mostly between 25 and 44 years old with a high level of education and a deep interest in technology.

Here is the current distribution of podcast listeners (August 2018):



Pioneers, innovators, entrepreneurs and others working on remarkable projects in the crypto and blockchain space from the United States, Canada, Switzerland, Germany, and China have already appeared on the podcast with many more in the cue.

Value Proposition

The value of this podcast consists of organic word of mouth, brand association and influence. Podcasts are different from social media marketing and advertising with a short attention span and shelf life. The value of episodes appreciate over time, especially in a topic such as blockchain technology that will gain in importance in years to come. The episodes in which your ads appear stay live once they’re published and appreciate in value over time. Listeners can still download them years from now, as new listeners discover the podcast and listen to its back catalog. That’s a much longer time of exposure than newspaper ads, conference sponsorship, or any other traditional advertising.

Next to a great host and great guests, audio quality is everything in podcasting. This podcast is professionally produced and mixed by the media production company 8GR8.

How to Participate: Sponsored Interviews / Audio Ads / Logo Placement

Up to 50% discounts available for startups (depending on the offer).

1. Sponsored interview—Get your own interview/episode

We often get suggestions for interviewees from organizations working in the blockchain space. A full 60-minute interview and our own episode on the podcast costs $4,750. Some sponsors just want the interview without booking any advertising slots, but if like to be more visible, we will defer the cost of the interview with free ads: If you purchase a sponsored interview, you get ad spots on five other episodes for free. Sponsored interviews have a short disclaimer at the beginning and otherwise follow the same structure as all other interviews on the podcast.


2. Audio ads (pre- and mid-roll)

Place audio ads at the beginning and in the middle of individual podcast episodes. An advertising package consists of a pre-roll and a mid-roll ad and costs $950 per episode. The cost is fixed and you never pay more even if an episode you selected happens to be downloaded millions of times. Each episode has max. three advertisers. Audio advertising in the podcast includes:

  • 20-second pre-roll ad (< 60 words) recorded by the podcast host, at the beginning an episode; see examples of ad copy below
  • 40-second mid-roll ad (< 120 words) recorded by the podcast host, around the 40-70% mark of an episode; see examples of ad copy below
  • Mention with back link in the description of sponsored episodes on the website and all podcast platforms. The text is the same as the pre-roll. See an example here.


3. Logo placement with backlink

Place your logo on the podcast website. A logo placement and backlink on the podcast website costs $550. Your logo will appear on the front page of the podcast website


Examples of Audio Ads

Here is an example of an audio ad package that appears in an individual episode. If you need assistance drafting the copy for your ads, just let us know.

Pre-roll at the beginning of an episode:

“Crypto Storage offers a proprietary solution to enable Professional storage of cryptoassets. The storage is secure both physically and digitally on the highest-grade hardware security modules with detailed configuration possibilities for individual-based access control. To learn more visit:

Mid-roll in the middle of an episode:

“Crypto Storage is part of the Crypto Finance Group, providing Services for Professional financial intermediaries and therefore bridging the gap between traditional markets and the Blockchain technology. The storage solution offered by Crypto Storage, raises market Standards by introducing a new security paradigm, which features two layers of dedicated and redundant hardware devices. This set-up allows for a dedicated independent and highly flexible multi-signature framework. All transactions can be independently reviewed and approved on dedicated tamper-proof hardware. The Hardware Security Module, the tamper-proof signing devices, and the tailored software solution are all developed by leading Swiss providers with vast experience in finance and IT-security. To learn more, visit”

Additional examples of ad copy are here.