Steve Wilson speaks about digital identity and why blockchains are unlikely to fix it, use cases of blockchain technology beyond cryptocurrency, why 80 percent of blockchain pilots might fail fast, why Bitcoin and blockchain technology captures people’s imagination, the fascination of decentralization, self-sovereign identity, smart contracts, why a slower speed of development in blockchain technology will be better in the long run, and fixing the ills of the digital age.

Steve Wilson is a digital identity innovator from Sydney, Australia. Steve has a double degree in physics and electrical engineering, and has focused on digital identity and privacy since 1995. Steve is a vocal critic of many blockchain applications, especially in identity and health services. He holds several patents and is responsible for breakthroughs in identity infrastructure and governance, authentication frameworks, public key infrastructure, smartcards, digital credentials, fraud control, and privacy engineering, and he has advised national ID frameworks in several countries. Steve founded the Lockstep Group in 2004, and has been VP and Principal Analyst at Constellation Research since 2013, where he leads Digital Safety and Privacy.

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