Eric Elliott speaks about creating the verifiable web with, how fact-checking information has evolved since PGP, why we’re not in 1998 with blockchain technology but in 1968, why people don’t yet use decentralized applications and why that is OK for the moment, the future of AR/VR and blockchains, how artists and creators can benefit in a new economy that digital scarcity and artificial intelligence make possible, lessons from the music industry in dealing with technology, why the positive impact of blockchain technology outweighs negative effects, and the most important skill in the future.

Eric is the author of the book “Programming JavaScript Applications”, published by O’Reilly, he is the co-founder of the software mentorship platform, and VP of Engineering at, a shared, open, universal ledger designed to record metadata and ownership information for digital creative assets. He has contributed to software experiences for Adobe Systems, Zumba Fitness, The Wall Street Journal, ESPN, BBC, and top recording artists including Usher, Frank Ocean, Metallica, and many more. He works remote from anywhere with the most beautiful woman in the world.

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