Anish Mohammed speaks about his career as a cryptographer, the brilliance of Bitcoin, tokenizing transport, the mechanics of token economics, benefits of tokeninzation in developing and developed countries, token engineering, how the increasing specialization in the token engineering space can become a bottleneck, how he moved from medicine into cryptography, how he evaluates if he wants to work with a team on a blockchain project, personal value systems, how hard it is to raise capital for his own startup Ontici, the doom of ICOs, zero-knowledge proofs, and his general curiousity about all things technology.

Anish has been in security and cryptography since the year 2000 as a researcher and consultant. He has worked for several financial institutions and is one of the founding members of the United Kingdom Digital Currency Association. He is on several advisory boards including Adjoint, Arteia, Hyperloop Transport Technologies, Privacy Shell, Collider-X, Glance Technologies, Ripple Labs, and Chain of Things. His main work today concentrates on security, scalability, and consensus of blockchains and smart contracts for AI safety, cryptoeconomics and token engineering. Anish a regular speaker and the co-founder of Ethicsnet, the co-founder & CTO of Ontici, Chief Science Officer at Blockchainsmokers,  and the head of research at the Information Sciences Institute at SRH Berlin.

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